The winner photos of "Weisse Schäferhunde 2005"

We usually have people who are sending photos every year. Some of them are very successful, some dogs are meanwhile "well-known" because we have a photo in every calendar. However, some of the senders are always new. And they are sending new, interesting photos that are convincing the jury. This year we got some photos from Alaska.

For the calendar 2005 we tried something new: we accepted digital photos as many people asked for it. The result is perfect so that from now you can send in photos from digital cameras, too. We only ask for a 20x30 cm-copy and the original file on disk.

We are very sorry, that we can only use 12 photos. The photos placed 13 ++ are still wonderful and the jury members often pointed out that we could make 5 or 6 calendars out of the photos sent in. They have a hard choice, year by year. Nobody should be disappointed when his photo does not appear in the calendar. With the digital photos we had so many great photos ... we can only use 12 from the 400-500 photos we get. Even our "best" photo was placed at 10th this year.

The title photo are our dogs Fiala von der Hohensyburg and "Snuffs-White". The photo was taken by Gaby von Döllen at a sunset morning at a lake in Kolmarden/Sweden.

However, here are the winners of 2005:

The winning photo for the calendar 05:

The photo is a picture of Peppino von der Hohensyburg, whom we already know from the title photo in 2003 and from some calendars. His owner, Ernst Wendling from Moers, always sends in wonderful photos that are convincing our jury (that consists of different people every year). Place 3 in 2003 and place 2 in 2004 meant ... this year Peppino should be first. And he became first. 211 points - more than 100 points more than the 2nd. Congratulations to this result!

Peppino is followed by place 2 Fürst Leo aus dem Hause Wagner, owner and photo Silvia Schauenburg aus Meerbusch with 102 points. A wonderful beach photo. Silvia took part at our competition the first time. Congratulations!

Place 3 The first puppy photo and the first digital photo: Manuela Keggenhoff from Grevenstein sent some photos of her female Blizzi vom Ebbegebirge. All photos placed very well. 80 points was a very safe third place.

Number 4. was a photo from Dr. Barbara Forke from Leipzig with Eyk vom Vilstaler-Land.

Place 5 is a photo from Switzerland by Andrea und Rolf Steinegger aus Arni. This original photo from a boat tour is very special.

We publish only the winnner photo. All photos will be published in 07 or 08, when the calendar 2005 will be old.

As usual, all senders whose photo is printed in the calendar, will get a calendar in A3-size for free.