Kalender "Weiße Schweizer Schäferhunde 2006 - And the winner is ..... !"

In 2006 our calendar will be called "White Swiss Shepherds 2006", due to the new breed name. The title shows Fiala von der Hohensyburg during our holiday in Björnrike/Sweden.

This year the first three photos got many points and until the last voting we could not see the winner. The photo, now placed third, was in leading position for a long time.

We were very sorry that some very good placed photos cannot be printed as the owner and her dog spent some months in Canada and could not send the original files in time. (Greetings to Manu Keggenhoff and Blizzy vom Ebbegebirge). As usual, you will find some well-known dogs as well as some very new "faces".

Here are the winners:

The winning photo for 2006:

Ginger vom Biberdamm, photo taken by Hanna Wieters aus Elsfleth. This year we had a puppy photo as winner. Colour and expression meant the first place for Ginger, each jury member gave some points to this photo. Hanna Wieters took part at our competition the first time. 114 points for her photo!

Place 2 Gingers photo was followed by a 'well-known' dog, printed in nearly every calendar: Peppino von der Hohensyburg, owner and photo Ernst Wendling aus Moers got 102 points. An autumn photo with beautiful colours.

Place 3 is a photo of Andrea Rösler from Todenbüttel. This photo is the first inside photo we ever had in the calendar. It was leading for a long time but at least got Ginger and Peppino more points. 92 pionts for a young male called Warro 'Mozart' von der Löwengrube.

A further puppy photo:Place 4 was the best placed photo of Armin Földi from Uhingen, who started successfully with more photos. This photo shows the B-puppies 'vom Kofelort'. 79 points.

Merry Christmas! Place 5 can only be used in December. A wonderful Christmas photo reached us from the Polar Circle in Finland, the home of Father Christmas. And yes, he has some white shepherds at his side. Thanks a lot for this special photo and congratulations to Maarit Salla from Rovaniemi/Finnland as well as to Fleetwood Mac's Arja, Joulumaans Lumisade und Allu We are breaking our rules for this photo and accept people on the photo! But Father Christmas is a very special one!

Thanks a lot to all jury members for their great work!

Worpswede, june 2005