Calendars "Weiße Schweizer Schäferhunde 2007"

We are late this year! There were so many photos that we did not scan them but looked for a jury living nearby so that we could present them all photos in original prints.

The title is "Snuffs-White", the photo was taken by Peter von Döllen during our holdiay 2006 in Denmark.

Meanwhile the calendars are printed and can be ordered. The last results we got in July 2006 and in sunny weather we sat in our garden and saw the 'birth' of a new calendar. Afterwards we changed the design a bit, you will now have even bigger photos. Very soon we had a leading photo, but the second placed followed and it was very thrilling to follow the votings. Even place 3 and 4 stayed nearby and got points from nearly every voting. Maybe the summer was too hot ... even though we had lots of snow photos, the jury preferred all others, so that we only have one "real" snow photo and 2 with a little bit snow in the calendar.

As usual, we have an internet competition for the photos placed 13-24. You are welcome to look at these photos and to choose your personal winner. The winner will get a free calendar and from the votings we will choose a winner who gets a free calendar. You will see that the photos are still very, very high quality.

Here are the winners:

This is the winner photo for the calendar 2007:

It shows Aylinn-Tara of Atlin Mountain Blizzards. Her owner, Manu Keggenhoff aus Grevenstein, convinced the jury with 2 photos and some more in the internet competition. 128 points were enough for the this years win.

Place 2 is "Kim", owner and photo Kerstin Büker from Beuchte with 119 points. A wonderful portrait. "Kim" is already presented in the calendar 2006.

On place 3 there is once again Manuela Keggenhoff from Grevenstein with a photo of Aylinn-Taras mum, Blizzy vom Ebbegebirge. She was the most successful photograph this year.

Place 4. goes to Karin Busch from Bonn with Bo Chayenne of White Fellow. The photo was taken by Angelica Hocke von A profi-photo.

Place 5 is a photo from Lisa Kurz aus Ditzingen. . Uljana-Bonny von Bella Luna owned by Gerd Neumann, a "water-lady".

The senders of the actual calendar photos, printed in calendar 2007, will get a calendar in A3-size for free. When you have good photos of your White Shepherd you can take part at our Calendar competition. Just look at our rules on this page. You are welcome to send us your special photos and we keep our fingers crossed for you that you will be mentioned on this page next year.

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... and of course, we sell the calendars for 2007. You can pay easily by Visa or MasterCard or by bank transfer. In case you are living overseas please send us an email because of the higher postage costs. When you are living within Europe, you can use the shop (but Emails are also welcome! to

And here is a sample how the calendar looks like inside: