Kalender "Weiße Schäferhunde 2008"

This year the jury had plenty of time, the calendar was out very late but still in time for the new year 2008

The number of photos was less than the year before but the quality was quite good.

This year the results were very exciting because the winning photos were changing a few times. None of the photos could got more than 100 points like in the last years. The first and second place were very near. The last four jury members mixed the whole results once again. This year the puppy photos got quite a lot points but they were not the "winning" photos. This year, once again, we had only few snow photos. A reason might have been the warm winter, so that the only snow photos are from Manu Keggenhoff living in Canada, who had enough snow.

It is a photo of Aylinn-Tala of Atlin Mountain Blizzards at the age of about 1 year. Her owner Manu Keggenhoff aus Kanada, convinced the jury one more time and presents three photos in the 2008 calendar. 82 points! Congratiulations!

2 nd is "Blizzy vom Ebbegebirge" and her daughter "Aylinn-Tala of Atlin Mountain Blizzards, owner and photoManu Keggenhoff aus Kanada with 75 points. Indian Summer in Canada - a beautiful autumn photo. Congratulations once again to Canada.

The3rd place and the first puppy photo were in leading position for a very long time. Little Canto von der Hohensyburg owned by Serge Clemens from Luxemburg. The photo was taken at the age of 4 weeks - still at the breeders home. The photo was taken by Sandra Berndt aus Duisburg. It was also her first participation (73 Punkte) Congratulations!

The4th place is for Kerstin BŁker with Kim. This photo was also in leading position for some time. Total 66 points for "Kim".

Platz 5. Hugo was still a puppy - it seems, a very special one. Owner is Sabine Ruthemyer.

Here are all photos of the calendar 2008.

The people whos photo is represented in our calendar, will get a big calendar for free.

Here is the complete calendar design