Calendar "Weiße Schäferhunde 2010"

We have finished choosing the calendar photos for 2010. The calendars are now printed and available (orders via "shop")

The calendar is not as colourful as last your but in 2009 we had extreme coloured photos. We were surprised about some photos the jury elected but at least we got an extraordinary beautifl calendar and an interesting mixture. By the way, the jury consists of very different people, some of them changing each year. There are non-white-shepherd-owners, WS-owners and breeders and some people without any connection to dogs.

This year we had a very easy winner. The photo started at the first place after the first vote and never gave it up. At least it got 60 points more than the 2nd placed photo. 18 of 20 members of the jury voted for this photo, they never agreed that much before. Furthermore, the lady, resposible for this photo, participated the first time.

We are so sorry that many very good photos are placed from place 13 so that they cannot be printed in the calendar. They are still that beautiful! So we have an internet voting for the places 13-24 ... YOU can choose an internet winner.

Here is the winner:

The most successful winner:

This photo shows Tylor in the evening sun. Who thinks about wolves ... The owner of Tylor is Meina Giese from Lübeck The photo got 165 points. Congratulations!

Place 2 followed with 94 points. "Fangio vom Altvilstal" , comfortable placed, still wet from a bath. This moment and the calm and enjoying expression convinced the jury. The photo was taken by family Schlickenrieder, also participating the first time! Congratulations!!

The3rd place is Panya - and once again there is water. This impressing photo was taken by Hendrikje Cordes from Berlin , and got 70 points. Congratulations!

The4th place is one of our well-known dogs, already often published in our calendar. Kerstin Bükers "Kim" was the first surprise. Once again we had a very successful black and white photo. 60 points for Kim.

The5th place is for Stefanie Krey from Solingen. A beauriful holiday photo from France with summer feeling! "Yana" Deyana of Canadian Bandits and Ursus of White Mountain Austria are place five AND six..

As usual we are showing all calendar photos on this side so that you can get an impression how the year 2010 looks like. The title was taken by Peter during our last years holiday in Denmark. It was our last holiday with the 14yers old Fiala so that it was no question to show her on the title. Even though with her 14, nearly 15 years she was no longer a beautiful young lady, she still had a fascinating expression and ladylike looks. She died in April 2009 and we still miss her a lot.

The sender of the printed photos got a calendar 2010 for free. All others can get the calendars in our internet shop or by sending a simple email.

Do not forget to vote for the internet winner!