Calendar "Weiße Schäferhunde 2011"

We are ready! Of course, we will need some more days until the calendars are printed. They will be ready in September 2010 - in any case we will have some on the FBBSI cup in Knittelsheim (Rhineland) on September 11th.

We got lots of snow photos, would be great to have such a big choice every year. You will have 4 months with snow: January, February, November and December 2011.

Our winner was a very safe one. The second placed photo got only half of the points the winner got - but it did not matter a lot - both photos are from Manu Keggenhoff. .

Every year we are sorry that we can only use 12 photos. So many photos were simply great. No participant should be sad if "his" dog is not presented in the calendar. Next year there will be another chance. Please continue sending such great photos.

Here are the winners:

This time, the winner comes from Canada once again:

The photo shows Aylinn-Tala und Breeze of AtlinMountain Blizzards und Fynnian-Sugar of Buscin's Love Congratulations to Manu Keggenhoff in Atlin, Kanada, with 139 points this photo was a clear winner.

The winner photo always was in front with some points. There was a fight on the following places. The 2nd placed photos got 15 points from the last judge. The sender was Manu Keggenhoff again - and who's not impressed by the beauty of Canada? The second... got 71 points and shows "Fynnian-Sugar of Buscin's Love" , in a beautiful scenery. Congratulations once again, Manu!!

Place 3 and Place 4 - while participating the first time! The third place is a photo at the beach of "Lucille Camilla vom Bozener Hof und Ronja", 64 points meant place 3. Owner and photograph is Cordula Broschat from Essen.

59 points meant place 4. Once again it is a photo of Cordula Broschat . When I saw this photo for the first time it was my personal winner as it simply shows an interesting scene. I was curious how the jury would like this photo. They loved it, too and it will be in August 2011. The "front dog" is "Lucille Camilla vom Bozener Hof" and the small one in the background "Elisha vom Leininger Land" Congratulations to Cordula for such a successful start!

Place 5 is a photo of a new breeder and a new participant at our calendar competition. "Ayk vom Brander Schloß" is a puppy from her first litter and got 52 points. The photo is from "Katja Michel from Eckenthal".

As usual we show all the calendar photos 2011 on this side. The title is a photo from Stefanie Krey from Solingen.

All senders whose photos will be shown in our calendar 2011 will get a free A3 (the biggest size) calendar. They will be printed in September 2011. Thanks to all senders, we could not make this calendar without your photos and your help. Meanwhile we sent back the CD's and photos. Due to the high number of emails during the past year we are sorry that we could not answer each mail.

The internet competition will be online the next days. .

The calendars can be ordered in our shop (or, as the shop is available in German only, by email to We are offering two different sizes: DINA 4 and DINA 3. Here is a design sample: