Calendar "Weiße Schäferhunde 2012"

21 jury members voted, discussed and decided. The photos for the calendar 2012 are definitive and once again we are proud to present a great mixture which will accompagny through a hopefully wonderful year 2012.

The jury had 20 more photos at their choice. Many photographers send complete CDs with hundreds of photos so that we have to look for the best motives and to reduce the number of photos per participant to 10-15.

Thanks to our jury who did a great job again. Some are breeders of white shepherds, some are "only" owners, some have no relation do dogs. The result of their choice is a wonderful calendar showing our breed as different as they are.

103 points for a photo showing our dog "Karhu" meant the first place. He deserved it, whenever I take the camera, I ask him for exact placing and lots of patience. However, he sometimes behaves like a diva. As soon as he discovers the camera, he starts posing. Well ... here is the winning photo:

The photo shows Snuffs-White, we call him "Karhu". The photo was taken at the river at a quiet sunny summer evening. Photograph: Gaby von Döllen from Worpswede. IN this case theres no need for congratulations :))

For a long time the first and second placed photos changed their position again and again. At least the winning photo got 28 points more. Place 2 got 75 points and shows "Blizzy vom Ebbegebirge" , in the wonderful Canadian scenery. Once again, it is Manu Keggenhoff from Atlin, BC, Canada who is placed on the very top.

Place 3 and this is no surprise anymore, is a black/white portrait. 65 points once again for the courage to send a b/w photography for somebody who took part the first time. The owner was informed by the dogs breeder, nadine Dignas. Of course, we are glad about breeders encouraging their puppy owners to take part at our competition. Our congratulations to Mandy Treu from Telgte and to Legend of White Balou.

51 points and place 4 is a photo of Stefanie Krey from Solingen . "Avec Chilli von den Weißen Wupper Wölfen" is the name of the new fellow at Stefanies home. We will certainly see more of him during the next years.

They participated the first time last year and started with 2 photos in the "Top 12". This year their photo is in the calendar again. Only one point less than place 4 and placed 5th is Elisha vom Leininger Land. Congratulations to photograph Cordula Broschat from Essen.

Like last year we are showing all calendar photos on this page. The title is a photo of Manu Kenngenhoff from Canada.

The people who sent in the photos printed in the calendars will get - as usual - a big size calendar. They will be sent in September / October 2011. Thanks for everybody who participated.

This is a design sample: