Offizielle FCI-Ausstellung für Weiße Schäferhunde

Upplands-Väsby / Schweden, 7. August 2004

Since 2000 the breed "Vit Herdehund" is a national recognized breed by the Swedish Kennel Klubb (SKK), member of the FCI. Every year in August there is a big show in Upplands-Väsby, near Stockholm. Three FCI-judges took part in 2004, the White Swiss Shepherds were judged by Ulla Ericsson.

The show is outside, the place was completely sunny. Many people learnt that there CAN be high temperatures in Sweden at summer time. We had about 30 degree in the shadow and owners, judges and visitors had a hard day. The show started at 10 in the morning with the inofficial part (puppies). At 11.30 the White Swiss SHepherds entered the rings.

All together there were 45 White Swiss Shepherds in the ring, above others our "Snuffs-White", who won the Open Class. In the concurrence the dogs from Youth Class and Champion Class were even better but he got the 1st price in the open class and the 4th price in the concurrence class. Our female Fiala became second in the veteran class.

The swedish dogs were quite nice especially their temperament was great with the necessary 'will to please'.

Here are some photo impressions from Upplands Väsby in 2004:

August 2004

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